Intercontinental Cuisines

Curry Chicken/ Scented Basmati Rice

Chinese: Shredded beef in oyster sauce with hoisin sauce and vegetables, this can be served with Chinese rice stick scented Dried/Smoked mushroom in oyster sauce served with vegetables. It can be white rice or brown rice. Large prawns or Sole fish/Chicken in sweet and sour sauce served with Chinese Rice and Basmati Rice with vegetable fruits. Also appetizers like Tiger prawns in Battler or fish batter clipped in hot spicy sauce are available

SALADS: We have different types of salads (Vegetable salads, Cole slaw)

DRINKS: Fruit Cocktails (Local and exotic fruits), vegetable/fruit smoothies plain or mixed with unsweetened thick or plain yogurt, Fresh fruit drinks, Chapman etc Freshly made Ice-cream in Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate flavour

We also have Ice cream vending machine for outdoor parties

Finger Foods/Snacks

Meat Pie, Chicken Pie, Doughnut (Plain or Chocolate), Queen cakes, Egg Burns, Crispy Popcorns, Sharwama (Beef and Chicken) Spring rolls/Samosa, Sandwiches (Chicken, Fish etc.)

Burgers (Cheese/Beef/Chicken) this come in various sizes, Italia Pizzas, Pancakes/Waffles with syrups, Fish/Chicken Chips (French Fries)